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So I’m on Pinterest. Yes. I am a joiner.

My enjoyment of Pinterest stems from the fact that I love to organise things, especially if I get to use some form of web application to do it. My mom would probably tell you that I should probably spend as much time *actually* organising my life and house, as I do fantasizing about it on Pinterest, but hey, I have a family that I love, and they occasionally require feeding, and you know, attention.

That coupled with the fact that I need to have some semblance of a life, means that while I would love to take photos of my *cough* PERFECT HOUSE *cough* and talk to you all about how fabulously easy it is to keep everything organised and perfect, chances are I’m going to probably spend more time daydreaming about having it that way than actually doing it, and that in a nutshell is where this blog is headed. To the place I’d like to get to, with my house, my lifestyle, my cooking and let’s see what else happens along the way shall we?

For now, please follow me on Pinterest it will give your hair extra volume*

Oh, and hey – leave a comment below and say hi!

*results not guaranteed.

If you’re not sure what Pinterest is, then a) it’s pronounced “Pin-trist” and b) follow the big red button below…

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    • MacLeod House July 13, 2012

      *View halloo* (sounds horn)

  1. Melb August 27, 2012

    AM I following you? I must go check. But i still refuse to call it Pinterest….even though it is….cos its dumb and they should have asked me first. 😉

    • MacLeod House August 28, 2012

      I don’t know if you’re following me – but if you’re not, you should be 😉

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