Humanity above all else…and where the hell is Matt?

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Where the hell is Matt?

A couple of years ago someone emailed me a  YouTube clip called “Where the Hell is Matt?”  – which I watched purely because the person sending it had captioned it “this is really good” and it was a person whose opinion I respected.

What I was watching was the third of a series of movie clips that Matt had made (the 2008 one), and I was absolutely captivated!

In a nutshell, Matt was a software developer, living a very ordinary life in the USA, when he decided to travel. One of the things he did was start doing what he referred to as “the happy dance” in all the places he went to and video taping himself after which he made a compilation and became a bit of an internet sensation.

Word got out, and soon he was planning to sequel and then yet another “where the hell is Matt?”  this time he had people joining in from all around the world.

This video below, is the latest one from this year 2012, where instead of everyone doing the “happy dance” they’re various things as a big group, but above all, I love how the fact that they’re just dancing and enjoying each other, regardless of whether he’s in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and even North Korea, people are happy, smiling, and we get to see each other as human beings. People with whom we share nothing in common other than the fact that we share this little blue bubble called Earth.

If we remembered that fact more often, who knows, maybe we’d even erase things like war, poverty and pollution.

One small spark is all it takes.

You can view the 2008 version of “Where the hell is Matt” by following this link. They are both worth seeing and in both cases the music is fantastic as well.

You can find Matt’s website here. Where the hell is Matt?

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